Stretch Pants

Stretch for every woman
Our stretch pants are popular. A pair of stretch pants offer comfort in everyday life. Robell stretch pants or stretch jeans are made in the materials such as cotton, denim, and polyester. To the naked eye, you cannot tell the difference between plain fabric and stretch fabric. What makes stretch pants unique is the addition of a small amount of elastane. Elastane is known to be durable and resilient and this material that makes your pants stretchy. 

Mix it up
Comfort rules the day for many women. Pants with stretch are the perfect way to unwind in comfort and style. Paired with a sweater, top or blouse, a pair of stretchy pants can be one of the most versatile pieces in a woman's wardrobe. Create a more formal look by pairing stretch pants with a more formal top or blouse and finishing the look with stilettoes and jewellery for a variety of dressy outings.

We are Robell
ROBELL is a pants brand that has more than 30 years of experience in creating pants and jeans with the best fit. Robell is part of the family-owned, international fashion company Godske Group. Our inspiration of our pants is that they are graduated after real women instead of a dress maker’s dummy and to fit any body type. Our mission is to create pants for the whole life and for the whole of you. 

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